8 clinic days until I am away for a month - Book in!

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Happy New Year to you.

It's the first Thursday of the year and this morning I only have one acupuncture appointment booked in and am spending the morning with some paperwork and the rest of the day with my kids. We are taking our new rescue puppy to his first training class, which is exciting for us as he has been a bit of a biter with being nervous in what is his 4th home in his very short life. We are madly in love with him and want him to feel safe and secure here with us. Here's a pic of him. His name is Balen and we think that he is about 8 months old.


The morning also allows me a moment to reach out to you and to let you know of some scheduling things coming up.

In two weeks, on January 17th, I am heading off to the Sivananda yoga ashram in the Bahamas for a month, returning on Feb 14th. It is an adventure that I have been looking to do for a long time. It is only now that I am not running a clinic, that I have the freedom and flexibility to live it out. It has been booked for a while now, but as the New Year rings in, it is feeling more real. I am looking forward to a time to hit reset on my busy bustling life and days of meditation, self care and rejuvenation. This will allow me to return to Ottawa with renewed energy and focus and I can’t wait to bring that back to my family and to my clients.



I am seeing clients Monday to Friday before I leave, so please do book in so that we can set you up for the next couple of months.  I just looked at the calendar and it is 8 clinic days left !!

Do you need a New Years Health plan in place?

Do you need a kick into action on a plan that we set up last year that has fallen aside?

Give us a call and we can get that set up for you. 613-798-1000


When I return it will be to a full time practice at one location. The Ottawa Integrative Health Centre, (OIHC). While I am away, any of the other Doctors at the OIHC can help you with your care. I trust them all to work with you in my absence.

It is my hope to see as many of you as I can before I go but if that doesn’t work out, please set up your follow up as soon as you are able to. This can be done by phone at  613-798-1000 or through the online booking system on the website. www.oihc.ca

Yours in Health,



As I have mentioned in a couple of past emails. There was an error again in merging my ”do not contact” list, with my other lists when I left Sunrise. If this email finds you incorrectly, please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email and do accept my apologies.






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