Naturopathic Diagnostics & Testing

Naturopathic Diagnostic Testing

You are here because you want some answers.

We can help you find them.

It's that simple, when you work with our naturopathic doctors, you are working with medically trained professionals.

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As an example, Dr.Vivienne has a pre-med degree, 2 years work in medical research, 4 year Naturopathic
medicine studies and over 11 years of clinical experience.

Her medical training and diagnostic skills enable her to accurately interpret your results and together with clinical
diagnosis allows her greater insight into what is happening with your health. And wshe is able to create
individualized, professional, safe medical plans for you. Thorough analysis of your health history including any
previous testing that you have already completed, allows her to determine which test is the right one for your right now.

Dr.Guy does not over test or over prescribe, and is well respected for this. She has a knack for determining which
test right now will give us the best answers to address your health.

Many labs offer similar tests. We choose the best option for you from the following laboratories

Biochemical tests are valuable for a number of reasons. They are excellent diagnostic tools and can

help us determine what is going on for you inside your body. They also act as markers of progress.
We can repeat some tests after a period of working together to monitor the improvements in health
throughout the treatment.

These tests are not covered by OHIP and clients are charged at the time of their appointment. Some
tests are done on site and others are mailed to external laboratories.

If you are interested in a particular test, please contact
us to find out if it is now available.

We have accounts with local blood laboratories in order to get routine or specialized blood work done
upon requisition.


Some of the tests offered: (there are many more)

Complete Vitamin and Mineral Assessment

With one simple blood test we can now analyze your nutritional status. Results obtained can uncover
deficiencies that standard tests may miss. Even if you eat a balanced diet, exercise and take a multi-vitamin
you may still have a deficiency.

Hair Analysis
Determines the level of toxic substances such as lead, mercury and aluminium in the body. Heavy metal
toxicity has been associated with many disease states.

Saliva Testing
Dr.Guy uses saliva testing as a powerful tool to evaluate stress, hormone-related disease and overall health.

Salivary hormone testing for
 - Stress / adrenal conditions
 - Female hormone panels and individual hormones tested
 - concered around PMS, infertility, Menstural irregularities, mood swings, menopausal symptoms

 - male hormone panels and individual hormones tested

Comprehensive stool analysis– for parasites, infection, overall digestive system health analysis

Extensive food allergy testing for individual foods or comprehensive panels.

Also allergy testing for mould, colourants, food additives

Metabolic testing – how well you are metabolizing sugars and other carbohydrates


Nutritional Profiles
Omega fatty acids
Cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk
Gluten intolerance testing



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