IV Therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy provides vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream. In doing so, one can administer higher doses in comparison to what may be absorbed when taken orally.


People receive IV treatments for a variety of reasons such as, chronic pain, low energy, immune boosting, athletic performance

If your digestion is stellar and you eat a variety of vitamin and mineral rich foods and are feeling top notch, then you might not need this treatment option. Those who have a weakened digestive system, suffer with stress, feel run down or have poor sleep quality will benefit.


What's in the bag?

The basic formula is the Myers Cocktail.

Read here for full description of what it is and why it was designed

We can change this formula to meet specific needs. We add in Vitamin C and Zinc to help with immunity, or we boost it with Glutathione for improving anti-oxidant action. It really depends on each persons health needs.

How frequently should I come in?

I give the same answer as for my other naturopathic modalities. There is no set plan. Each individual responds differently and has different health needs. Someone who is quite ill will perhaps need to come in more frequently than the client who is looking for a wellness boost.

What is the procedure?

To become an IV client of Dr.Guys you will come for an initial consultation to review health history, current health status and set your plan. If you have recent blood work or other health reports from your MD or other health professional, you may bring them to your initial consult.

After this initial consultation, Dr.Guy will order in your custom cocktail from a compounding pharmacy and we can begin the treatment.

You will arrive to the clinic, having eaten and drank water. You will settle in comfortably and Dr.Vivienne will administer the IV into a vein in your arm. You can sit and read, listen to music or use one of our meditation MUSE headbands.



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