Hello from my yoga retreat in the Bahamas


I am finishing up week three of my month retreat at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. It has been such a wonderful time. I wanted to share what I have been up to and to let you know that we are booking appointments for my return. I have availability as of Feb 20th, I believe. Please call the clinic at 613-798-1000 and they can get you in.

Here in the Bahamas, I have been fortunate to have time to rest, rejuvenate, learn and play!


Not only have attended twice daily yoga asana classes (the poses), morning meditations, silent walks on the beach, but also workshops and courses that have added so much valuable information to my self as an individual and as a Naturopathic Doctor. I so look forward to bringing this knowledge back to Ottawa to my home and to my clients.

I arrived to the Interfaith Devotional Singing Festival which offered concerts from various traditions, religions and cultures.



         Then followed the 5th Annual Sivananda Ayurveda Symposium. “An Ounce of Prevention”

         Perfect topic this year for me the Naturopath!!  



I have learned in workshops on The Yogic Diet, Yoga and Sleep with psychologist Rubin Naiman, and Stress and Neuroscience, with Dr.Eva Selhub.


Oh, and I can’t forget the beautiful concerts and workshops with Manish Vyas, a contemporary kirtan musician.  





          I have taken time to explore the history of the city of Nassau and to dive beneath the clear waters of the Caribbean sea to visit the

          fishes and coral reefs. Underwater selfie !!




And it continues…..

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks a well rested and with great energy to share.

Om Namah Sivaya





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