Dr. Vivienne is moving her practice, end of September 2017


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I am so pleased to let you know of next steps that I am taking with my practice as of September 28th, 2017
I have decided to shift gears and move away from clinic management to allow for a greater focus on my client work, research and writing.



In the past 2 years as many of you already know, I dedicated time to specialized training in a couple of areas.

1. Therapeutics and Prescribing. Allows me to prescribe high levels of vitamins and minerals as well as Bio-Identical Hormones (Progesterone, Estrogen, Thyroid). Hormone Restoration is quickly becoming a valued area of medicine as many people are recognizing that while they may not have an illness, they are managing symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels.


2. IVIT - Intravenous Infusion Therapy - Is the administration of high doses of vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream, allowing for greater cellular access, and absortipon of a higher dose than can be achieved through oral supplementation alone.  I currently offer IV therapy Tuesdays at Living Science and Wednesdays at Ottawa Ingtegrative Health Centre (see below)

My clients have been seeing amazing transformation in their health with these new tools out of my tool kit.


As of Thursday September 21st, I will no longer be operating from our location at Sunrise Wellness Centre.

After a long search I have decided on two locations that I believe will be able to offer you the best of service and care.
I look forward to continuing to offer you great care and even greater in the coming years.


The first location is The Ottawa Integrative Health Centre. located at Carling and Island Park.

Mondays from 11 to 7
Wednesdays from 9 - 5
Fridays from 9-4

Website: www.oihc.ca
Phone : 613-798-1000


The second location is Living Sciences Wellness Centre, in Stittsville.  

I will be on-site for IV therapy on Tuesdays from 10 till 5.
This will primarily be an IV clinic day, but exceptions can be made for those existing clients of mine who are located in the West.

Website: LivingScience.ca
Phone: 613-836-7901




Keep in Touch:

email:   dr.guy@sunrisewellnesscentre.com

website: www.SunriseWellnessCentre.com





Naturopathic Doctor





NEW LOCATION FOR DR. GUY 1129 Carling Ave (At Fisher/Island Park)
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4G6

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