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When was the last time that you had a physical exam?




It's crazy to think about it, but it is often the case that a persons car has had more than them or members of their family!


Is it the same for you?

You are a diligent person when it comes to your vehicle, right? You go for an oil change every few thousand KMs.  You know to change your tires in advance of winter coming so that you stay safe and well.   

When that check engine light goes on, you don’t put a sticker over it so you don’t have to see it anymore, do you? You go to get that checked out ! 


What about you?

Is your check engine light on? 

Do you know what to look for?




  • Vertical lines in your nails could mean that you have bacterial overgrowth in your intestines.
  • Yellow in the whites of your eyes could be due to decreased liver function.
  • Thinning eyebrows could indicate thyroid disease
  • Headache or muscle cramps could mean your fluids need topping up (drink more water!) or a Vitamin/ Mineral deficiency
  • Mood swings could be hormonal imbalances and a risk of burning out.


You know not to put a sticker on your dash covering up the change oil light, don’t you? Well, you can get always get a replacement car, but you can’t get a new body. You only get one, so please don’t ignore your lights.


This is where I step in and complete your full body checklist and let you know of any warning signs that are presenting.



Book your head to toe inspection TODAY !



If you are an existing client of mine, please book in for one hour.

If you are a new client to me, your initial visit will be 90 minutes to allow for a thorough health history intake and a physical exam.


By phone at 613-798-1000

Or by clicking here 

I look forward to taking care of you.






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