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I am happy to launch my new website. Here's a sneak peak at the look of it. Please pop on over to it and then let me know what you think.   Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND Naturopathic Doctor Appointments can be booked with me for the rest of September through the online booking system on the Sunrise website, or by reaching out to me at read more »

Back to School and Back to the Bugs!

  So  you may have already, or are just about to send your lovely little children back to school. They have been outside playing and running around, sun kissed, fit and healthy. Now you get to send them to spend 8 hours in an enclosed space with hundreds of other children.  Are there even windows that open these days?   Closed doors, soon to be sniffling children,  sneezing everywhere. ....Everywhere. read more »

Dr. Vivienne is moving her practice, end of September 2017

New beginnings
Keep in Touch:                                                      read more »

Hormone Restoration - Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND

Dr,Vivienne Guy, ND
Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND is an Ottawa Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Doctor. She has a special focus on hormone balancing ,restoration and bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr.Vivienne has a pre-med degree from the University of Waterloo, has worked in medical research, graduated from the 4 years naturopathic doctor program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and has been in private practice in Ottawa for over a decade. This background allows her the analytical scientist mind in combination with a natural treatment philosophy to en able her  to offer a balanced perspective to her clients . Her functional medicine approach allows her to deliver the best in integrative medicine. read more »

IV Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

  As you may know, I have added IVIT (Intravenous Infusion Therapy ) to my practice. Clients are loving the effects for boosting energy and fighting infections. Another area of heatlh that it can help with is with the Aging Brain.     read more »

Spring Your Health… Starting with Your Home!

With my clients, I talk a lot about being aware of the presence of anti-nutrients (like pesticides – which are toxic) in our food. We discuss the importance of choosing organic meat and produce when possible and ideally knowing how the farmers you buy from are raising their animals and vegetables. Limiting your exposure to environmental toxins through food is a great start - but you also need to be aware of the other ways that you can help reduce your toxic load. Exposure to environmental toxins can lead to a TON of health problems including endocrine system damage (hormone imbalances), fertility problems, cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, digestive problems, fatigue and liver and kidney damage. read more »

Age Related Hormone Decline, NO THANKS !

  I see many women in my practice that are suffering with hormone imbalances. As a Medical Professional who can legally diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances, and prescribe bio-identical hormones if needed, I can help ease their symptoms. Age related hormone decline is something that can show up as early as 30, but I see it most strongly between 40-50 years of age.  This can result in many physical and mental disturbances. read more »

Is it your hormones?

Is it your hormones? Do you have any of the following symptoms? - fatigue and low energy - stubborn and persistent weight gain, especially around the middle - difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep (hello 3am!) - PMS, mood swings, painful and/or heavy periods - low libido - anxiety, irritability, depression Well, the common denominator is.... HORMONES. If your body is struggling to maintain a healthy hormone balance – one example being cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) – you are going to struggle to maintain a healthy weight.  And probably feel pretty run down too!  So what can you do? Well…   read more »

Between 40 and 50 and lost your mojo? Let's get it back

40 year old woman low libido
Hello Women ! Do you remember sex? Remember wanting to have sex; having the energy and enthusiasm? What if those are distant memories. What if you can't even fathom the idea of sex nowadays? You have no pep, no drive at all. You have "a headache". You don't feel like being touched..."not tonight". If you are a woman between 40 and 50 and you have lost your mojo, it's time to get it back! Between 40 and 50 years of age, you may have a hormone imbalance or be experiencing declining hormone levels. read more »

5% weight loss has significant health benefits

Lose 5% weight to achieve health benefits
As a medical professional, I offer weight loss programs for health reasons. Many of my clients suffer with diabetes, heart disease, joint pain and are juggling many medications to help them cope everyday. For today, I'll share an article and let you know of upcoming information sessions.  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shares that: In obese patients, 5 percent weight loss has significant health benefits read more »
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