21 Day Real Food Reset: New Year Edition


No diets, no deprivation… Instead we’ll be resetting the body with lots of real food and positive lifestyle changes.

I don’t know about… but I did a LOT of hibernating over the holidays and enjoyed a seriously awesome amount of amazing festive food! But now… I’m feeling a tad bit blah and I’m ready to get my butt in gear!

Join me if you…

-Feel tired, run down and overwhelmed
-Are reaching for a midmorning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up of coffee, carbs and sugar
-Are TTC and want to improve your chances of starting a family
-Have a New Year’s Resolution to get fit and POWERFUL and want to set yourself up for success!
-Are preparing for an IVF cycle, are between cycles or are struggling to lose the weight you gained during treatments
-Rush through the day tired, stressed and overwhelmed, waiting for it to be over so you can relax (with ice cream, cookies or wine)
-Are tired of of being tired
-Want a healthy way to nudge the scale in the right direction

Then it’s time to RESET and start 2017 with a clean slate!

With the Reset Program you’ll receive information and tools you can use long after the challenge ends, including:

  • Program guide with nutrition information and holistic lifestyle tips
  • Cookbook with over 50 delicious recipes
  • Printable shopping list
  • Daily tips and accountability
  • Support and motivation in our Facebook community
  • Access to a Registered Nutritionist for support and program related questions

BONUS: Stress Busting Tips and Improve Your Digestion Handouts, Kitchen Clean Out Handout

The options…

The Reset & Rebalance Program – $77

VIP Reset & Rebalance Program – $97 (plus $5 shipping)

  • Includes an essential oils kit with 5ml bottles of lemon, peppermint and lavender to support your program. EO info and tips provided as well!
  • 30 minute Kick Off call with a Registered Nutritionist to answer any questions you might have.

Are you ready to reset your health, improve your energy and take on 2017 with a vengeance?

Then let’s do this!


Jessie Lindley RHN




2211 Riverside Dr. Suite 104
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X5

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