The health professionals at the Sunrise Wellness Centre help to improve your life preventing, curing and alleviating physical and mental health concerns in a natural way. The practitioners have a more comprehensive picture of the patients’ health, because they take time to listen and get to know the individual patient. They focus on the person and not just the symptoms and offer holistic lifestyle changes, guidance and hands on therapies to proactively maintain a better health and quality of life. 

Person pressing on lower back due to pain
Naturopathic Diagnostics for Inflammation
Photo of Elke Peck, RMT
Picture of woman having facial treatement

From the blog

FIT TIPS - Dr. Karim Guirguis
Psychology pain
Psychology of inflammatory pain
Arthritis , fear and depression
Image of deep tissure massage
What I do - Elke Peck , RMT
Elke Peck explains more about her work.
Woman on scale happy with weight loss
Weight Loss Programs at Sunrise
Weight loss isn't for swimsuit season, it's for a healthier life time.
Photo of woman receiving energy work. Practitioners hands are near her face.
What is Reiki?


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