The health professionals at the Sunrise Wellness Centre help to improve your life preventing, curing and alleviating physical and mental health concerns in a natural way. The practitioners have a more comprehensive picture of the patients’ health, because they take time to listen and get to know the individual patient. They focus on the person and not just the symptoms and offer holistic lifestyle changes, guidance and hands on therapies to proactively maintain a better health and quality of life. 

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Han with acupuncture needles in it
Photo of Maha Mansour, Homeopath
Photo of Elke Peck, RMT

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Charity 2015 Sunrise Wellness Centre
Fourth Annual Charity Day
December 5th, 10 - 3
Elke tries Bouldering
Elke Peck, RMT writes about her new fun activity.
Cartoon image of ADHD
Homeopathy and ADHD in Children
Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for ADHD in children. Maha Mansour, explains how it is used,
Deep Tissue Laser Therapy on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Deep Tissue Laser Therapy on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
You will find that Laser Therapy can be a crucial player in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
The number three.
Your daily "Three for Me" - Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND Naturopathic Doctor
If you begin doing these three small things everyday, you will greatly improve your health and wellbeing.


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